TV Playbook: 2010

by Aanarav Sareen on October 25, 2010


Over the past 5 years, media has changed at a pace is that is both thrilling and frightening. A few years ago, touch screens were a fantasy. Apple was still a computer company. Google was just a search company. Hulu was just a word that people made fun of.

Today, running a media property is more than content and advertising. Technology is not just a privilege. It is a necessity. However, changing companies the size of broadcast and cable networks is not an easy task. It requires a complete re-haul.

Over the next week, we’ll focus on the four core aspects of running a large scale content business in 2010. These four categories are: content (and cost of acquisition), monetization solutions (advertising and integration), web platforms (user engagement and social media) and technology (television, IPTV and mobile).

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